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Weight Loss Injections

The injections dramatically reduce your appetite.

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Weight Loss Injections

Here at UK Skin Aesthetics Cheshire, we have a registered doctor who will assess your medical history and discuss the treatment options best suited to you. We offer either a once-a-week weight loss injection or daily injections.

The injections dramatically reduce your appetite combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle can help you to achieve your weight loss goal. Furthermore, if appropriate, a prescription will be submitted to a pharmacy that will securely ship your medicines through tracked delivery to your door. Common side effects include acid reflux, nausea and constipation, however many patients suffer these mildly or not at all.

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Book a consultation at your convenience online with our registered doctor. Booking will be non-refundable, £50 for a consultation up to 30 minutes redeemed against any further treatment.

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